Credit D’impa´t Pour Solidarite

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On Sunday, she will help lead a large demonstration called “La Manif Pour Tous,” or a demonstration for everyone, a follow-up to an initial protest in November. Legalizing gay marriage — “marriage for all” — was a campaign promise.

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(Vatican Radio) Cardinal Peter Turkson, the President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, on Wednesday addressed the UNESCO, the United Nation’s cultural office, in Paris. They were holding an event to discuss Pope.

“Nous avons crié haut et fort notre solidarité pour la France,” said Richard. Yvonne LaFleur and Lifetime Achievement Award Lucille McDonnell. Blanco gave credit to his clientele, his mentors, family and partner for his success.

At the same time, President Holland has chosen to reduce the corporate tax by granting a tax credit of 20 billion euros [2]. In order to do this, the Elysée has adopted two measures. As a first step, public expenditure will be reduced by.